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What could cause lower abdominal bulge when you have gas bubbles?

Posted by vegmom

I seem to be having some type of abdominal distention - if that is the correct term. I noticed that I was having gas bubbles and I felt a bulge on my lower right abdomen. It raises up and goes back down. It feels swollen during the times that I have gas. It's below my belly button near my pubic area, it stretches up towards my right side. I have a doctor's appointment in a few weeks. To be honest, I've heard so much about ovarian cancer creating issues in the lower abdominal area so I am very concerned. When I press on it, it doesn't seem hard. It just seems soft and gives... like there is nothing there. But there is some type of indentation like there is something.
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As you may have already read or heard, the signs of ovarian cancer can be vague.  The mass is usually not palpated by a doctor, or another provider doing a physical exam.  Women usually first get diagnosed with ovarian cancer, ~66% of the time, in stage 3 or 4 of the disease when they are diagnosed.  That's because it's not detected by the patient or physician early.  Your symptoms may very well be something other than ovarian CA, and I'm not sure if you posted your question recently and have since figured this all out, but your concern sounds warranted.  An ultrasound imaging study of our pelvic region is worth asking for.  Ovarian cancer detected in stage 1 has a very high survival rate, >90% at the 5 year mark.  Presenting in stage 3 or 4 brings a 40% mortality rate at the 5 year mark.  I'm not a physician.  My wife was diagnosed with Ovarian CA after 4 months of symptoms.  She got lucky, and had stage 1C.  It was quite poised to spread outside the pelvic region, but she had the surgery and chemo in time.  I did push to have the ultrasound done, and that helped.  However, the mass was palpable within two weeks, so they couldn't have missed it then.  It's now almost 5 years later, and she's been cancer free since the chemo treatment.  
what symptoms did your wife have?  did she have a bulge?
excuse me but wat r ur syptoms? cause ive got mega issues atm and im scared its cancer...
i got a small bulge near my belly button with a dul pain :(
i started to change my  diet  for 2 weeks intense workout then this happaned.. 6 weeks later still there 
first dr said its nothing just my intestine 
2nd dr said its no hernia or ceptic ulcer  .... but its abnormal in ppl my age (19)
im scared to tell my parents i need surgery>.>
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