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What could cause a random bruise between my eyeborws?

Posted by timmytootot23873

Hi. Several times in the last year I have developed a bruise or a couple of bruises in the area between my eyebrows. The first time it happened I had been out dinking heavily and assumed I must have banged my head without recalling it. Then the next day it appeared again. These times it was a single bruise directly inbetween my eyebrows and didnt happen again for quite a while, so I thought nothing of it. Over the last few days I have been a bit ill with a bug that had been going around, and twice in the last week two bruises have apeared on either side of the area between my eyebrows. I will maybe see a doctor but with it being an infrequent reoccurence it its also likely that if it doesnt happen again I probably wont try to fit in an appointment. Any advice on the matter would be most appreciated. Thank You.
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Hi Timmy: You need to have your doctor check this out.

The resources I checked for you stated if there was no reason, it probably is not a true bruise, just looked like one. If you're sure you weren't hit, and you don't have any known blood disorder, there is no reason for a bruise to appear.

If you bruise easily, you may not even remember what caused a bruise. Bruising easily does not mean you have a serious health problem, especially if bruising is minimal or only shows up once in a while.

Just to be safe, check it with your doctor.


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