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What could be causing peripheral edema L>R side?

Posted by DebRa

I sustained a serious motorcycle accident just over one year ago with 18 rib fractures on L side, bilateral pleural and cardiac effusions, all of which have now resolved.  I have a severe chronic productive cough.  My ENT scoped me in the office the other day via my tracheostomy (tracheal stenosis due to radiation treatment for Stage IV squamous cell CA R tonsil) and noted large patches of white mucous along the distal trachea and frothy mucous in R main stem bronchus.  A radiologist called aortic tortuosity in the reading of one of my follow up CT's.  This has not been called previously.  Could this be causing my peripheral edema?  My PCP has prescribed Lopressor and one round of Lasix last year with no futher follow up.
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