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What could be causing my recurrent fever, severe, back/joint pain, chills, night sweats, severe headaches?

Posted by rhudson123

I’ll try and be as concise as possible.

About me:

43 y/o female.  Hysterectomy at 37.  Severe scoliosis.  Diagnosed bipolar disorder – fairly well maintained. 5 feet tall.  145 lbs.  I consider myself relatively healthy, though not in very good shape.


This past December, went to Cancun for 5 days.  Arrived on a Monday morning.  By that afternoon, I was sick.  Severe back and joint pain as well as headaches.  High fever (up to 102.3). Chills.  Night sweats like this peri-menopausal woman has NEVER seen.  Gastro issues (pain high in stomach, no appetite (though no nausea). Some diarrhea.  Was sick for the entire 5 days, and a couple of days after.


Started feeling better, but a couple of days later, the symptoms all came back.  Just as severe.  There were extremely emotional stressful events taking place around this time.


I went to my dr. on 12/9/09 liver function was off ALT/125  AST/106.  RBC, Auto was 3.9, HGB was 11.8, Hematocrit was 34.8.  Platelets, Automated count was 413.


12/15/09 liver re-test showed ALT down to 43, and AST at 22.


All para/ ova tests, stool samples negative/normal.  Hepatitis A & B tests were non-reactive.


12/31/09, I caught a cold.  On 1/2/10, my fever, 102, severe back and joint pain, headaches, chills and night sweats returned for 12 hours.


I have a dr. appt tomorrow but what the heck could this be?!?!?!

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