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what could be causing me to not keep ANYTHING on my stomach?

Posted by slkrise

I started out Tues afternoon lower part of belly hurting almost double over in pain.  A little later that evening I started vomiting an didn't stop ALL night, an a little of the runs.

All day Wed. runs all day.  Went to e.r. they gave me fluids  an did x-ray of belly (no blockage) . I was for sure drained of my fluids. 

Thursday- still having the runs, evening with the gatorade, an crackers

Friday- not so bad but still unable to keep things in my belly

My belly feels like it has been split open.  I do have multiple herinias. The one on my right-side has been there 3yrs.  that is where most of my doulbling over pain in belly is.

Please advise me on what i should do? 

The only insurance i have is medicare A & B

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Go see your family doctor!  That's always an excellent idea.  S/he can then help direct your care.  Even if you didn't have Medicare, you still have plenty of free or low cost options (see my webpage - sorry but I can't seem to link right using Chrome).  Multiple hernias?  Inguinal & hiatal hernias are the most common.  Incisional or ventral hernias are also common.  My concern would be for incarceration and/or strangulation of your hernia.  Small bowel obstruction if you've had abdominal surgery previously.  Blood work and xrays (sometimes repeated) would help make the diagnosis.  Perhaps appendicitis?  Gallbladder issues?  Stomach flu?  Lots of different possibilities that require your family physician to serve as quarterback of the team to develop & direct the plan to figure out what's going on.  Good luck!
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