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What could be causing chronic swollen, painful axillary lymph nodes?

Posted by s.penn

I am 22 yrs old. Probably 6 years ago, at least, I went to the doctor to have swollen, painful lymph node checked out. They did a sonogram, not concerned. Said they didn't see any thing. I have recently had a lump in my breast found. They've done a sonogram but are not concerned. I was wondering what, if anything could cause a chronic, painful, swollen lymph node. (Swollen lymph node and breast lump are on the same side.)
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I have this same condition. After six years, chronically, I have several painful lumps develop one after another and when I had my daughter, and was breast feeding, it developed in my breast and resulted in an abscess and I had to have surgery on my breast. I understand what you are going through. I'm 22 years old as well and I am in constant pain due to my underarm pain. I've seen five doctors and all of them can offer no comfort. Only one offered by saying I needed surgery to remove my lymph nodes. I can't offer much comfort to you, but I will say that you should see about getting antibiotics to speed the process up. It may be MRSA.
Swollen lymph nodes are a symptom, that the body is fighting something. Since doctors cannot find the cause, the best thing for you to do is to strengthen your immune system, to aid the body in its fight. Look into homeopathic medicine, herbs. Also, there are some plants, ingredients that make sure that potential cancers (we all have) in the body don't develop – among others: bok choy! Listen to your body, when doctors fail you! Good luck
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