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What causes swollen glands, a rash on the neck, and head, neck, and shoulder pain?

Posted by alethia10

About a week and a half ago on Wednesday, I went to the doctor, because of an itchyness in  my eyes and nose. They told me it was probably allergies and gave me a prescription for prednisone and allergy medicine. The next day I got all congested, and by the end of the day my voice was really tired. The the day after that I was coughing could hardly breathe and severely congested. I went back to the doctor and they gave me two asthma treatments for asthmatic bronchitis, a numbing treatment and a steroid shot. Also a prescription for a pill to make me stop coughing, for amoxicillin, and for methylprednisone. After that I developed a rash on my neck. I rested my voice for 6 days after that and it came back but was alittle high. By this time I was off the steroids and my head, neck, and shoulders were in alot of pain. I went to see a sports medicine doctor and they gave me muscle relaxants. My voice returned to normal, but my glands on my neck are still swollen, I still have a rash on my neck where my glands are, and  I still have muscle pain in my head and neck and am really tired. Can a pulled muscle in my neck really cause all these symptoms or do I have anything more serious to worry about? The pain radiates from the top of my jaw bone by my ear, down to under my chin and then to the back of my head. The muscle relaxants help with the pain, but the glands are still swollen? What is this? I am supposed to get an xray of my neck soon. Is there anything to worry about or can a pulled muscle trigger swollen glands? I also have some shouder pain and fatigue. Any thoughts?
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