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What caould be causing severe stabbing pains in chest stomach and abdoman?

Posted by barbie

i suffer from rare episodes of intense stabbing pain that start in my chest and below rib cage, and spread to my stomach and throung my abdomen even radiating through my hips, the pain becomes worse and my chest feels tight and full, usually also includes vomiting if i move and very loose bowel movements. , its not my stomach or bowel i have had them checked. Not reproductive organs either.What could this be?25 yeards old, eat a healthy well balanced diet, notice pain occurs before eating nightly meal and if i eat pain increses and causes vomiting. Pain can range from  unbearable to not being able to move.
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Have you had your gallbladder checked, I had the same symptoms as you & it took almost 3 months for the doctors to work out what it was. Kim.
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