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What can cause extreme fatigue, muscle aches, daily headaches, rapid weight loss, and neck stiffness for over 6 months?

Posted by bamablonde577

I had my gallbladder removed 11 months ago. Then, I had my appendix removed 4 months later.

n the past year, I have lost 40 pounds without trying. I am 21 years old, 5'3, and weigh 104 pounds. I am constantly exhausted and dizzy. My neck is stiff, and my muscles ache terribly. I am restless at night, even though I am extremely tired. I'm always thirsty, but I literally do not have the energy sometimes to sit up and drink something. When I stand up, my head spins and I have to hold on to something for a few seconds until the dizziness passes. This is taking over my life. Please help. I seem to always be sick. When I have a cold, I have it for WEEKS. I have a terrible feeling that something is seriously wrong with me. I went from being a really social person who loved to go out and have fun to someone who barely has enough energy to leave the bed. The only place I make myself go is class. I feel terrible every single day, but I am afraid that a doctor will think that I'm crazy or that it is all in my head. The extreme fatigue has been going on for over 6 months.


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I hope you understand that you're not alone. I've had the same symptoms since dec 15th, 2008. I woke up that day with the worst body paid I've ever had in my life. I was curled up in a ball crying and couldn't get out of bed. It feels like you're going to die and wish you would! I've had colonoscopies, iodine xrays, 130 blood tests and every other test you can think of.  My doctor thinks I have Inflamitory Bowel Disease but it's still a mystery. I've lost 60 pounds since this started and am now below my min weight for my height of 6'3. I've been tested for everything from the common cold to aids and NOTHING. It's not in my head or yours. I know what the doctors think and say about it being in your head. There is nothing worse than being sent to a pain management doctor in mesa arizona and have him profile you as a drug addict or dealer. They assume you are just trying to get the meds. Guess what, we don't want pain killers! We want a cure!  Here's what I would do in your case. Start from the begining and think back as to what you did before this happened. Did you eat raw fish or meat? You might have an unseen tape worm.  I would also be tested for h.i.v or hepititus. Also go to a G.I. doctor and get a colonoscopy done. You arent mentioning any abdominal pain but you might have forgotten to mention it with the extreme body pain you're having.  I also went from being an avoid hunter, fisherman, Motocross Racer(20 years) to not being able to get out of bed or function from the body pain. I know what you're feeling so don't think it's just you. There are tens of thousands of people with this same issue that can't be explained but keep your head up. From everyone that I've spoken with that has all gone through this say the same thing. It lasts a year to two years then one day you wake up and it's gone. You start gaining your weight back and never have this issue again if it's not anything I listed above. Best of luck and do yourself a favor, get 10-325 percocet and 10mg oxycontin. Don't take my advise on that, ask your doctor. I weigh more than you and i'm on 30mg oxycontin so it's based on what you can take. It will help you function a fairly normal life. . 

Sounds like it could be Thyroid issues which are correctable with medication. Have your doctor run some thyroid tests.
i am tired also,  i have body aches too, no headaches, no bowl problem. i did stop eating red meat and pork, over a year ago, i mostly eat chicken ,fish and hambugers. no white bread, i was trying to lose weight, started vitaniums , daily, d3,omega3 fish oil, b6,b12, , woman over 50 vit, a menopause healty vit, i feel run down too, ive been menopause now for over 3 to 4 i have hot and cold flashes, but if i dont take these daily, i will be tired again, and im still loseing weight, but , i havent doen the colon test, i am afaird . my mother  who raised me past away from colon cancer, but she wasnt my biology mother, so i am ,  afraid, ive had all my bood work done ,and other test this past 6mos to 1 yr they all came out fine. my doctor say im fine, the vit daily like b12 gives me energy and helps to lose weight, im i crazy are does  this all sounds normal. 
How are your Iron levels? Low in Iron can cause dizziness etc....If I were you, I'd get that checked out. I have been dizzy myself (i am a 27 yr old female) and last time I took a blood test they said my iron was low and to keep an eye on that.....anyway I hope you feel better...also, stress can cause the symptoms you mentioned. Try to relax and see if that helps! =)

ps...just so you know being low in iron doesnt mean "your ill" incase you are low in iron...MANY women are low in iron....I am not a doctor but the symptoms you describe fit that..Your way young to have so many other issues..I am pretty sure if anything its stress and or low iron... =) get well

Sorry me again.....also check both...Anemia and hyperthyroid with your doctor......
You just sound like your worrying and stressed. Stress can bring on these illnesses your also sound like your depressed..Maybe a social group would help you cope with your loss and also maybe doing something for yourself like going to the spa, and watching a funny movie..etc...My grandpa died of colon cancer and cancer runs in my family as well but I know that when I am sick its just because of stress. You will be okay...Just think positive..your not sick
last message is to ktdlive
Maybe get tested for Lyme Disease too. The first answerer alerted me to this - an avid hunter/fisherman. The secondary symptoms for Lyme Disease are often thought to be fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Then it goes away to come back later as pain in the joints. Have a cousin who was misdiagnosed for eight years until finally someone tested her for and determined it was Lyme Disease.

hey me and my wife whom was a very active and social person, had similar symptoms and after seeing our doctor and RA doctor, both whom thought she was crazy because she was on an antidepressant and would not order the lyme test, because she never had the bullseye, see lyme disease for further explanation. After several more months of exhaustion, leg pain, elbow pain, and many 00others , she had a lyme test done. It took her about 6 months to get them to do it and she was positive for it and got treated for lyme for 21 days of doxycycline. she did improve, we started to go out again. I to felt dragged out and found out I had rocky mountain, both from ticks. Get tested and if you find out you have it, find a lyme doctor nearest you on the lyme network. If you have specific questions, we never had the bulleyes rash that comes with the lyme and rocky mountain problem.

lyme is very misdiagnosed and a very serious problem in the usa. GET TESTED, it is being linked to a lot of neural logical disorders, and don't look at the CDC. look up the lyme network and get a lyme doctor, it came be a long treatment process. There are a lot of videos on you tube and other news stories about lyme

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