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What can be causing my stomach to extend?

Posted by Arabella966

I am currently in alot of pain due several symptoms. My upper stomach is distended and feels very hard when I am standing up (not hard when sitting or lying down) There is a small protusion at the top of my belly button, extremely tender around my belly button, and it itches around the belly button as well. up until yesterday afternoon, I was also suffering from constipation. When I lean forward (any degree) everything hurts more. There is no fever or vomiting/nausea. At times the pain gets really intense, not immobilizing, but pretty sharp. Urgent care and the ER won't see me because I have no way to pay for it. My normal doctor is through my local public health center, but the soonest she has an opening for is 12-12. Is there anything I can do to relieve some of this pain?
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