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What about Central Auditory Processing Deficits?

Posted May 07 2009 10:11pm
Hi There!
I am seeing quite a few learners with the diagnosis of CAPD- and they are all prescribed a lengthy program of individual sessions with a speech therapist or audiologist to work on auditory processing skills. I don't know much about it-and after 25 years of teaching kids with learning disabilities, I haven't run into it as a diagnosis that stands on it's own. There was some work being done on this in the early 80s- around the time that the vision therapy was making it's first rounds- but for the most part auditory processing has been seen, in my experience, as part of the bigger picture- dyslexia. I am wondering why now auditory processing seems to be "extracted" from language as a whole and focused on as a discrete skill set?
I would love some discussion around this- it's a fairly expensive treatment, and I have listened to a CD program that one of my learners was "prescribed", and it seemed like very basic Rosner auditory discrimination-type exercises. Does anyone out there know anything about this? Are there any SLPs or Audiologists out there who can comment?
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