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What’s Wrong With My Rose Hip Oil?

Posted May 12 2012 2:01am

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Beccertron begs to know… I’ve been using 100% rose hip oil for some years now, and I’m interested in finding out the cause behind the formation of crystals around the neck of the bottle.

The Right Brain responds (with a little help):

As the name implies, rose hip oil comes from the seeds of certain varieties of rose bushes. In case you’re wondering, it’s rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids so it’s commonly used for a number of skin conditions.

And, if like Beccertron, you’re wondering why it forms little crystals on the bottle, here’s the straight dope from one of our super-smart Forum members, Alchemist:

Rose hip oil is composed of a whole range of fatty acids triglycerides, most of these are liquids but under cold conditions some of these can crystalize out. But this is probably not what is happening in this case. What is likely happening is that as the oil is oxidizing it polymerizes so the fatty acid chains join together forming much larger molecules. It’s the same effect that is used in linseed oil furniture and floor polishes .

The good news is that you haven’t wasted your money. You can just wipe the crystals off the bottle and continue to use the oil as long as it still smells good and the color hasn’t changed dramatically. Bonus fact: Most rose hip oil comes from Chile! (According to Wikipedia.)

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