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Well, my Atenolol has yet to c ...

Posted Jun 10 2009 12:19am
Well, my Atenolol has yet to come in the mail, but the withdrawal effects have been really mild compared with what I was warned about by my doctor and pharmacist. I experienced some heart irregularities a few times, but that has subsided. Overall, I've been much warmer than I was on the Atenolol, can't get to sleep as easily, and I startle very easily. All of these had been pre-Atenolol phenomena with me but I didn't really appreciate it until now. Hopefully the drugs will get here soon.

Even though I have an appointment with my internist in September, I'm thinking of setting up an appointment sometime in July to discuss getting me off the Paxil. By September school, band and the internship will be in full swing and I know from experience that's definitely NOT the time to get me going through withdrawal. I ran out of Paxil once during finals week my freshman year and barely slept for 4 days. I even took a Tylenol PM in desperation one night all it did was make me feel normal as opposed to wound.

I've bought a bicycle. I normally hate cardio exercise, but bike riding is an exception. It's incredibly freeing and it's great to have some independence with my mobility as opposed to being reliant on public transit. I'm taking it easy for now and only doing short rides in flattish areas and not trying yet to scale any of Pittsburgh's epic hills
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