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Weight loss activities during winter

Posted Aug 27 2012 10:04pm

As we are all aware, winter is the cold period and most people tend to put all exercises on hold. This should not be the case since weight loss requires that we eat healthy and do exercise regularly. This program does exclude the winter season. When one is doing exercises in the cold he/she should make sure that they take measures to be comfortable. For instance try to heat yourselves up. This is done by putting on cloths that will keep you warm. This type of clothing should be able to trap air and not sweat. This has been the case because air keeps our bodies warm while sweat makes our bodies cold. We should also ensure that the clothing is not made from the materials that will absorb heat from our skin and the clothing should not be tight. We should also ensure that our hands and feet are warm. The head should also be covered and one should wear a cap. This is because more heat is lost through the head.

Before one does any exercise, it is advisable to do warm ups .cold and tight muscles cannot perform exercise well and here injuries can easily occur. The warm up is to elevate the heart rate and to warm up our muscles for easy stretching. If one finds it hard to do work out in the cold they can bring it inside. Doing work outs indoors is also advisable if one has healthy problems that require little contact with the cold. Some of us buy aerobic DVDs to help us with our weight loss exercises right inside your own living rooms. This is good because one gets to do the aerobic exercises comfortably while watching TV.

The winter season can also come with a lot of exercises that one can undertake. One can shovel the snow to get some exercise and winter air. Ice skating can also be considered at this moment. Some will find snow shoeing more fun and enjoyable than others but this exercises can help in the weight loss program. For more information click here



For people who are not comfortable with out-in-the-cold workouts, one can head to the gym and use a treadmill or even the elliptical machine. These equipments can help one to undertake some exercises as he/she prefers. If a gym is not your thing you can undertake yoga classes. During the winter season we tend to eat more so as to keep warm, but when we eat more we gain more calories and this is not good for a healthy body. If we intend to lose some calories, we are advised to consume more soups. We are advised to make these soups from healthy products.

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