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We arent getting a choice with Flu vaccinations, Swine Flu mixed in.

Posted Nov 19 2009 10:08pm

In the new year New-Zealanders will receive their usual Flu Vax complete with Swine Flu thrown in for good measure. So if you are having to receive Flu shots yearly you have no choice but to also get the H1N1 shot. Im so glad I don't need the Flu shots, wouldn't have them anyway.

The Press states

"Next year's flu vaccine will contain the swine flu strain and be free to more people, Health Minister Tony Ryall says.
Free vaccines will be available from next March for pregnant women, the morbidly obese and children aged between six months and four years who were enrolled in high deprivation general practices."

Again I am reminded of the video in my earlier post and think uuum interesting, if something were to go wrong with the H1N1 vaccine which virus would be blamed?

Over the weekend when I was being a frequent flier up in E.D (Emergency Department) I was bored beyond belief, I had read all the magazines and other peoples conversations filtered my way.
"why are you wearing a mask, do you have flu? "Na replied the guy, I don't want the Flu from sitting here", fair enough I think, as people are coughing and spluttering around me.
The questioner then launched into their own account of their experience of swine Flu and their family/extended family guy across the road.
Yawn I thought. Even though I don't want to be immunised, im not particularly interested in 'unnecessarily waiting' in the E.D while surrounded by virus ridden patients. You almost need this kit while waiting if you want to leave healthy..ish.

At one stage a dude comes in carrying a chicky babe in his arms (maybe father and daughter she looked about 18ish). The chicky was plopped unceremoniously into a seat behind me, where she started gagging and ran out on her legs (which were previously paralysed it seemed) to vomit at the main doors. The dude runs out after her with concern written all over his face. Drags her back in so she can continue vomiting in a bucket behind me. Then I overheard him say how her mother had a nasty case of Flu at home, god I hated waiting in that waiting room for hours on end for a stupid 2 minute procedure on my P.I.C.C.

When chicky was dragged out back, her hot seat was replaced with a guy with a broken arm.
The family wanted the whole waiting area to hear how incredibly special he was, as they were transferred from another small outta town Hospital.
We all got to hear how he broke his arm/hand over and over again with grandiose inflated urgency. They moaned continually about the wait and because they were so special why weren't they taken straight out back.
Even the homeless guy in the corner with some pretty major breathing issues was waiting to go out back, he never moaned once, just wheezed in the corner.
I just watched the T.V and tried to lip read what was being said as the sound was turned down and the whiners behind me drowned out the minimal sound.
I wanna get out, wanna get out, repeated in my head until it nearly hurt.

The next day while standing in line I overheard the conversation of the people in front. This lassie was wearing slippers, had her finger in the air, while she sported a sling on other arm. She believed her finger was infected, however she was more concerned about her job, "How can I work and pick up guys with a broken arm!" The guy said well you have your other hand. I'm not sure A.C.C will cover for loss of earnings in this case.Sphere: Related Content
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