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Warm and tender lump on inner thigh

Posted by abuza

 Male 21 yrs old

I was getting out of the shower and noticed a pimple like lump on my inner thigh ( near the crease between leg and pubic region ). I popped it because it had a white head and pus like fluid came out but then quickly stopped.

 I figured that was the end but the next day i noticed a larger lump had taken place but has no visual head and it is below the surface of the skin. It is tender when touched and hasn't seem to have gotten any smaller. No significant pain with it but I can notice it when I walk at faster paces.

People have told me to try popping it but it just wont.

 Any help?


Thank you in advance

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i have about the samething but my bump on my left upper inside between my legs its a bump but inside the skin and the color is deep reddress,/purple. and dose hurt if i mess with it  i dont know what it is.
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