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Walkers Brings Out New Brand Of Posh Crisps

Posted Mar 17 2009 3:30am

Crisps giant Walkers have decided to up their game by introducing a new brand of crisps for the more discerning taste, to be named, Red Sky.

The new selection of posh snacks will come in four gourmet flavours, including roasted peppers peppers & lime, Anglesey sea salt, sour cream and green herbs and West Country bacon and cream cheese. The packets will be available as a 150g ’sharing’ pack (yeah. Sharing…)

Interestingly enough, despite Walkers being the massive product dominator that it is, the Leicester-based company have decided to omit their famous brand name from the new Red Sky crisps - possibly because they want them to stand out on their own as a posh entity.

The move represents the increasing demand for the ’sharing’ crisp concept - the type that are handed out with dips at parties rather than the little packs that compose a vital component of the office worker’s lunch.

Market research company, TNS took a poll in the 52 weeks before 25 January this year, and found that  British snackers spent £368 million on ’sharing’ crisps - that is 8.7 per cent more sales than the same time the previous year.

Leading the market in the ’sharing’ snack world at the moment are Pringles and Doritos (which are owned by Pepsico, which owns Walkers ), however the little guys are still getting a look in with ultra-gourmet brands for the really refined palate like Kettles, Burt’s and Tyrrells becoming more popular in recent years.

TNS client manager, Simon Quirk commented, “The average packet of crisps isn’t going to look good when you’ve got friends coming round. The flavours and packaging [of the premium crisps] are more exciting and they’re more appealing for that sharing occasion.”

While the recession may be affecting how much consumers are eating out or forking out for that coveted product, little treats like luxury crisps are still being afforded, “Where people are cutting back they’re doing it on different tiers,” Mr Quirk said.

“They might be cutting back on their groceries and cutting back on going out to restaurants. But they have also moved from eating at a restaurant to staying at home so they’re happy to indulge themselves at home in the knowledge that it will still be cheaper than going out.”

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