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Vitamins and RSD

Posted Jan 31 2010 12:00am

SAN FRANCISCO - APRIL 06:  Bottles of vitamin ...
In June, 2009, I stopped taking all my medications for RSD ( Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy ). The side effects after 5 years had become worse than the condition.

Mentally, these various pain medications, antidepressants, muscle relaxers, anti-epileptic and sleeping pills all have potentially serious side effects. Although, in the beginning they actually seemed to help, the longer I took them the worse I felt. Pain medications were especially bad. Their effects become less effective and I was constantly having to increase the dosages. My dosage schedule started a 4am and ended at 9pm when I went to bed. Many of the 13 drugs I had to take every 4 hours.  I took so many drugs that left me sleepy, tired and lethargic, my doctor started me on Provigil and Ritalin just to be able to stay awake.

I started researching the various vitamins and the effects on the nervous system and looking for a way to increase my circulation. Also, another side effect of many medications is the decreasing of important nutrients and vitamins in the body. Potassium is one of those. My potassium had gotten dangerously low and I was forced to add yet another pill to my regimen.

Potassium: 99mg day (2 x day)

glucosaime (1500 mg) & chrondroitin (1200 mg) combo 3Xday

Selenuim 200 mcg (1 x day)

multiple vitamin (1 x day)

CoQ-10 30mg (1 x day)

Fish Oil (1,000 mg)

Vitamin C (500 mg)

If I miss a day without my vitamins, I notice an immediate drop in energy. Yes, I still have RSD nerve pain and no vitamin is going to take that away completely. But, it is less hot and burning. My hands and legs don't fall asleep as often and the color in my extremities is more normal which I attribute to using oxygen more effectivley.

Important Note Before You Start Any New Regimen: Please remember, although vitamins by themself are relatively harmless, they can interact with medications. Never start on any new therapy, even vitamins, without discussing it with your doctor before you begin. Some vitamins, such as A and D are not water soluble and can be harmful in large doses becasue they accumulate in the body.

Research the various vitamins. There are thousands available and all different prices. I have not found a difference between the expensive, name brands and the cheaper version you can buy at any drugstore. Some people may disagree. My fixed income does not allow me to buy the "fancy" packages or well advertised brands and I am doing just fine without them. Use your own judgment. Start slowly and the most important part is regular use. No vitamin is going to help you if you take it sporadically.

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