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Vitamin D level often low in inflammatory bowel disease, liver disease

Posted Oct 07 2008 6:13pm 3 Comments
New research finds patients with inflammatory bowel disease or chronic liver disease were at increased risk of developing Vitamin D deficiencies. Two separate studies highlight the importance of regular Vitamin D checkups in the evaluation of patients with certain digestive diseases. Vitamin D Deficiency in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Vitamin D Deficiency Associated with Lower Quality of [...]
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hello doctor few weeks ago i started having excess gas which smell really bad then after that i had discomforting feelin in my bell which move to one side  of my belly few days ago i use the toilet and saw clear slime 2 days after it was mucous and blood  i went to the doctor and he gave me antibotics and says he thinks i have colitis which is an infection in my colon he then told me i have to do a barium enema to check for cancer im 29 year is colon cancer possible at my age im very worried and since then i have not slept  i have my heart racing and now all my body is burning i am very worried at this point plz help worriedgirl thanks
I take a Vitamin D supplement every day and it has made a big difference in my health. I have Ulcerative Colitis and am able to keep my symptoms at bay with the help of extra Vitamin D as well as a healthy diet and lifestyle.
what is -  feed forward mechanism? Daughter just had colon removed, has vit d deficiency. Would you happen to know exactly where in the small bowel D is absorbed.
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