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Virtual Hair Color Kiosk

Posted Aug 04 2010 11:01pm

Post image for Virtual Hair Color Kiosk

Have you ever stood in front of the hair dyes, biting your lips, unsure what color to choose? Do you think going blonde will look fake, but you’re tired of boring brown? Do you think red might suit you, but you’re just not sure? Cosmetics-Design says that EZface has begun to let their customers try out the colors before purchase. The Virtual Hair Coloration In-Store Kiosk is home to the Virtual Mirror Application, showing possible shoppers what they’d look like with the dye. The VMA takes a photo of the consumer, focusing on skin tone, facial features, and current hair color.

The company says that this will increase sales by putting more confidence into customers and allowing them to experiment more openly, with a much higher chance of success. In addition, the kiosk has the technology to track shoppers’ preferences and help them when selecting items for purchase. These kiosks, sprouting up in both North America and Europe, will come next year.

Before buying that pink, try it on for size – maybe the VMA will reveal that being a soccer mom with pink hair isn’t the most fantastic combo. Or maybe it will turn out that you look fantastic with that particular shade of fuchsia. Go for it, because you seriously have nothing to lose.

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