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Video: Why Worry about Fluoride Toothpaste?

Posted Apr 09 2009 6:48pm
Toothpaste labels warn us not to swallow even a pea-sized amount of toothpaste. Did you know that the amount of flouride in this pea-sized glob is the same as the amount found in 8 ounces of fluoridated drinking water? Why does the toothpaste label say to call the Poison Control Center if it's ingested, but water does not have such a warning?

The CDC says dental fluorosis, which is caused by too much fluoride, now affects 33% of children aged 6 - 19. Fluorosis affects bones and organs, too, with a highly plausible connection to diseases like bone cancer (osteosarcoma).

Despite what the American Dental Association instructs its dentists to tell you about how fluoride prevents cavities, many different data sets show that cavities are not actually correlated with water flouridation.

This information, though it's not new, is just so Med Nauseum. This five minute video was good and clear enough to get me out of non-posting mode. So, hi again! (Email subscribers, please click through to Med Nauseum Blog to see the video.)

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