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Vertigo and Coca Tea

Posted Aug 25 2008 6:28pm 1 Comment

As a person with multiple sclerosis, I suffer from vertigo more than I would like. Today I had an attack of vertigo out of the blue that left me feeling like a drunkard. When I get vertigo, sometimes it affects my balance and I walk into walls. At other times, it causes the room to completely spin out of control like a bad hangover. I don't drink alcohol, but when I have an attack of vertigo I must look like a drunk woman to an outsider.

This morning I knew that one of my first line therapies to help with my vertigo and calm the nausea would be coca tea. I drank two cups over the course of an hour: one cup of Lupi and one cup of Inka Tea. My attack lasted a total of 6 hours. The coca tea helped to quiet the spinning and calm my stomach and manage my symptoms better without making me tired or dopey like Meclizine tends to do .

I recommend coca tea for those who suffer from bouts of vertigo accompanied by nausea. Coca tea helps the blood to oxygenate. This must be one of the reasons why coca is such an integral part of curing altitude sickness.

Coca Tea - what a WONDERFUL elixir!
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