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Vegetable Oil Linked to Breast Cancer

Posted Oct 02 2008 4:19am 1 Comment

New research in the International Journal of Cancer claims omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids, found in vegetable oil, may increase breast cancer-risk in postmenopausal women, but heterocyclic amines in cooked meat and fish DON’T up cancer-risk; Reuters reports.

I asked Dr. Fuhrman for his thoughts on the study. Here’s what he had to say:

Of course processed foods, including refined carbohydrates such as white flour and sugar increase a women's risk of breast cancer. And, the findings in this study are also logical, that the use of vegetable oils, which are also low-nutrient processed foods, would increase risk of breast cancer as well.

As humans we are designed to eat and thrive on natural foods in their natural state. Eating an avocado is nothing like consuming avocado oil and eating corn oil cannot be compared to eating corn. Oil is high calorie, low nutrient food; the definition of junk food. When we eat plant fats in their natural state, such as in seeds and nuts, the scientific studies are clear, they have the opposite effect (of oil), lowering risk of all-cause mortality and extending lifespan.

Even olive oil is junk food! Oil olive MIGHT be an improvement over saturated animal fats, but Dr. Fuhrman insists, processed oils are a MAJOR contributor to our overweight modern world.

As for heterocyclic amines, they’re NOT healthy either. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine points to studies linking both grilled meat and grilled chicken with cancer-risk. Water-based cooking, like steaming, is MUCH safer.

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Processing methods are often to blame for detrimental effects to (once) healthy oils, stripping them of their nutrients and leaving them responsible for the deaths of 2/3 north americans. bleaching and de-odorizing of oils occurs at high temperatures which destroys beneficial EFA's and creates trans fats. Processing doesn't neccessarily mean unhealthy but 90% of the processed oils on grocery shelves can create health complications. Get to know your oil local oil manufacturer, choose truly cold pressed oils, unrefined and stored in glass.
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