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Vasculitis....My Nemesis!

Posted Jul 23 2012 4:53pm
Cutaneous leukocystoclastic be exact. I like to call it an easier name, hypersensitivity vasculitis. It is the most common form of vasculitis and affects the small vessels of the body. For example.... capillaries. It is the imflamation of blood vessels. Mine likes to come out on my legs and occasionally the trunk of my body. Admittingly, my vasculitis doesn't seem to look as horrible as some I have seen. I don't get open sores or ulcers, I get small pin-like purple dots called purpura. Thankfully, as fast as I break out within a few days it is gone. I have noticed a little discoloration of my skin on my calves, but I feel comfortable showing my legs and my faded 16 inch scar on my left calf. :-) my battle wound from nearly three years ago. (Definitely another post) Now, why is it my nemesis? This stupid, pain in the you know what, fickled piece of poo likes to just show up at the most inopportune times!!! If it's too hot outside and I am in it for just a comes out. If I am subjected to the comes out. If I get emotionally comes out. If I get comes out. If I am very active one comes out. I take a low dose of the devil called prednisone. I even take a small dose of cellcept. You would think between the 2 I should be in remission with this poo! Nope, I have a chronic case of this poo! It does keep the flares to a couple times a month, instead of a couple times a week though. :-) I could go into what it stops me from doing at times, how it feels, and all the negative poo about this poo called vasculitis, but I won't. I now beat this culprit by coping with it. Here is a link to good information on all the different types of vasculitis. A lot of good people too. vasculitis foundation
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