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Urodynamics versus P.I.C.C Line and weirdly happy moments

Posted Nov 19 2009 10:08pm

Yesterday it was back to E.D, while waiting bumped into friend, had embracing moment in middle of E.D (I have known person for many years who is a senior staff member there), after quick chat saw E.D Doc, got bounced to D.S.A (Interventional Radiology suite).
Saw another nurse who used to work on the usual ward I have been admitted to, had Dye test in P.I.C.C line it is patent yay. Thinking it may be brand new model of Hub on line causing issue.

Walked outside of room, saw person who placed P.I.C.C, had general whinge about what happening when noticed male Nurse Pain Specialist who dealt with me post operatively several times. Was getting quite spooky now.

While chatting to said staff a figure sporting a friendly face asked if I was who I was. Yees, I replied and noticed She was the Manager of the Unit, I was thinking crap what have I done wrong (such a defeatist) when she told me she had received  a lengthy detailed letter from my District Nurses regarding my after care post P.I.C.C.

The manager was lovely, I was flabbergasted. I was informed on what I should have been told before going home, also the way my P.I.C.C had been dressed was in serious question. Wow I was blown away by he efficiency and professionalism  projected from the Nurse Manager and District Nurses. The District Nurses have always been fab.
Next I raced to the other side of Radiology for my urodynamics.

This picture shows my poorly dressed P.I.C.C line. The grey blob  is concealing my handbag and the offensive to some cigarettes poking out (yes sometimes one is P.C and some people are as offended with smokes as they would to porn).

It went smoothly and the Registrar was amazed how different I looked and was in general compared to when I was an impatient. She even went as far to say "I like you so much better like this , how come you cant be like this in Hospital?", Well firstly one is usually exhausted and feeling crap once Hospital is needed, also Hospital is a place that leaves one feeling vulnerable and scared, today I am walking straight back outta here. But I didn't say that, instead I kinda laughed and kept joking with her and my Surgeon.

After showing both Surgeon(now named McStreamy), and Registrar my fab new bags, I blurted out "I hope it isnt going to be a prick today" that should have stayed in my head really, as my Surgeon responded was I calling him a prick, "No, not yet" there isnt a problem. They were amused.Like a child at the Dr my bladder doesn't do its thing on demand.

Banter continued between all involved including the Reg who believed she was getting fat and had to throw out beautiful clothes. We both agreed the xray gown was sunning on her and "how fitted it was, with beautiful cherries".

It was becoming a Brady Bunch moment, everyone was so happy and positive...ummm maybe they were pumping psychotropic drugs through the air vents? I was just being me, the Me my mates know Me to be, yet the Reg was repeatedly saying how different I was. At one stage I murmured I wouldn't be coming into Hospital if I was like this....
My Surgeon was super dee duper nice also, when I commented how I was glad the Nurse Specialist saw the leak he replied "K I believe you and you do have a leakage issue", wow that blew me totally away. Especially after how Dr Mengele(pas surgeon) treated mwah in the past, I'm always waiting to be blamed for everything, example my lack of eating, being my fault for Bowel Obstruction  in spite of her sewing my Bowel to wound, however.

At one stage my name was up on the monitors, you can watch your bladder and all in sundry  in live action. The Reg said something along the lines of oh look (at my name) you should be on here doing flips (or something like that), "yay, I should video this and put it on You Tube", the vented psychotropics must have been working there magic on me too.
Anyway as usual the bladder was an arse, which in retrospect I think it may not have done its wee dance because it was filled rapidly with radio opaque contrast(they also have other wires placed in the bladder for this procedure) and was retentive instead and one big bowel spasm.
It was an uncomfortable procedure and my back spasmed as it was refluxing up to my kidney area.

I was asked which positions and I tried out several poses, for the last lying down films, I busted out a pose and exclaimed "this was like doing some weird pornographic movie", yet it was on my insides.
The end result is he(McStreamy*) said yeah more surgery on the outlet (appendix) to tighten it and he will see me when he sees me. So I have no idea when anything will happen. In the meantime the new bags are still my saviour.
I was impressed by the staff yesterday and applaud their sense of humour and acknowledgement that I am human after all.
*he the surgeon, is so streamlined. Sphere: Related Content
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