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Urge Incontinence Explained

Posted Feb 19 2009 3:56pm

Urge incontinence is when you get an urgent desire to pass urine and sometimes urine leaks before you have time to get to the toilet.

It is usually due to an ‘overactive bladder’, treatment with bladder retraining often cures the problem.

Urge incontinence is the second most common cause of incontinence. About 3 in 10 cases of incontinence are due to urge incontinence. It can occur at any age, but commonly first starts in early adult life and more often in women.

Things you can do to improve urge incontinence:

Bladder training aims to slowly stretch the bladder so that it can hold larger and larger volumes of urine. In time, the bladder muscle should become less overactive and you should become more in control of your bladder.

Drink less caffeine, because it acts as a diuretic which causes the need to urine more, therefore putting more pressure on your bladder.

And of course pelvic floor excercises.

For more incontinence help and advice please click here.

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