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Upper under right rib cage pain and I have no gallbadder

Posted by susanyoga

I just had galbladder removal surgery about 11/2 months ago for pain in my upper right rib cage.  This DID NOT resolve my problem.  I am still experiencing the same pain.  I need help to try and find out what's wrong.

The pain happens when I lean over or sit to long.  I have to put my arm over my head and stretch.  If I don't it goes into extreme charlie horse type contractions. When I lie down, it feels like there is something foreign under my rib cage.  My gall bladder was taken out and it was supposedly 8% functional with 2 gall stones. My Dr said one was blocking my bile duck.  I am sick again, taking penicillum for a bacterial infection that I got.  My gums were red and sore and all my glands under my chin and neck were swollen.  That is clearing up, but I feel no energy to do anything.  Does any of this have to do with maybe liver problems.  Does your liver contract?  I do not think this to be muscle pain as I've not done any sit ups lately. What might I have my MD look at....HELP

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I've been having similar problems for almost 2 years now after having my gallbladder out, and have had various tests done try and establish what is causing the pain.

There is a known condition called Post Cholecystectomy Syndrome (P.C.S) that can occur after having the gallbladder out, which mimics gallbladder pain despite it no longer being in there.  My specialist believed that this was causing Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction. (Sphincter of Oddi is a small ring of contracting muscle at the bottom of your bile duct, which opens and closes after eating/drinking to release bile and pancreatic juices.)

The Sphincter can 'malfunction' due to damage caused by passing gallstones or be a motor dysfunction (nerve function problem). Maybe if your symtoms are ongoing still, it may be worthwhile asking your physician to investige the possibility of P.C.S.

Hope this helps!

Thank goodness for someone experiencing the same as me.  I have had this for 10+ years.  Had Gall bladder removed in 1997. It is getting worse now though. Lasting my full waking day two or three times a week.  I sleep badly but am not sure if this is what causes me to wake.  I am frightened to tell my doctor in case it is something serious and costs my house to cure. My reason for writing today.  It has been extremely discomforting.  On a scale of 1 - 10:   7.
dont worry I have experenced the same pain and discomfort every since having my gallbladder out. Mine was infected with 15 stones! The discomfort has been there since my surgery 3 months ago,worse when I am full so it is easier if I just dont eat! I used to love to walk but am afraid to go my normal 3 mile walks do to the extreme discomfort! My doctor also ran series of tests and gave me meds for IBS. Well....I decided to live on yogart and small salads ...because if I eat it becomes very uncomfortable! Some can have gallbladder surgery and go on like nothing ever happen...apparently its not true of all! Maybe in time it will get better!! I hope !

I had my gallbladder removed over 2 years ago.  During the past two years I've had to endure sever pain which to me felt the same as a gallbladder attack.  I was diagnosed with Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction during an MRCP and had two ERCPs done.  The first one a stent was place and during the second they ballooned the duct.  After both procedures I ended up with pancreatitis.  I still continue to have severe pain and have endured test after test with no diagnosis including 2 more MRCP's 2 endoscopys 2 colonoscopys multiple MRIs, Xrays, and CT scans.  I was just recently referred to a pain management specialist who I guess didn't understand that I've had every possible test done twice and ordered a whole new batch of tests which required me to be hospitalized for yet another week.   I now have developed irritable bowel from all of the stress and am unable to work and had to be put on anitenxiety meds because of the constant pain.  The doctors are now discussing the possibility of adhesions on my liver from the gallbladder removal. 

I am 24 years old and have been told by all 9 of the doctors that I've been past over to this year that I am to young for all of this.  I am losing my faith in the medical field.

Each day I live with pain.  It's not a question of me having pain each day, but how bad the pain will be.

I have been having the same symptoms. I am 21 years old and experiencing the same pain I had before I had my gallbladder removed 3 years ago! It seems to be worse after eating. My stomach always has this full feeling, no matter what I eat. I am gaining weight like crazy, and have not changed my habits. I will have diarrhea for a few days, and then constipation for a few days, back and forth.

 I also have a pain in my lower right abdomen that I can feel the pain straight through to my back. I don't know if it is related or not.

I recently lost medical insurance due to my turning 21, so I am afraid to go to the doctor in fear I cannot afford it.

I have the exact same pain except that I had my gallbladder out over 10 years ago and this pain just started. I even have the pain lower right radiating to the back.
I don't know how old this post is but you have shpincter of oddi dysfunction guaranteed 100%.
So what is the solution for Syphincto oddi disfunction? ( I have the same pain for years flaring up and down)
Hi,  I am 29 yrs. old and I just had my gallbladder taken out. I had a gallstone and infection in my gallbladder. It's been a month and I'm hurting but in a different spot, it's on my upper right side and into my back like sharp pains that come and go. I haven't called the Dr. back because the bills keep adding up. Don't know what to do!! Could I still be hurting from the surgery?

Hi, my name is Lauren. First off I am so incredibly sorry to hear all of these stories and for the pain WE are all in! But I am relieved to know I am not alone. I have been facing this for over Five miserable years. I had my gallbladder removed in 2008. And like many of you, the pain never went away, instead it got worse. After many trips to the doctor, ER, and specialist, with no help I might add I was begining to doubt myself. I had actual doctors walk out on me saying my case was over their head!!! But this pain that is in my right upper quadrant and radiates to my right shoulder will not go away!!! It has made my life or whats left of it miserable. The smell of food actually sends me into agonizing pain. I had just gotten married at the end of October 2009 and by that thanksgiving I was in the hospital for over a week. Every test you can imagine was being run all because I could no longer eat because the pain was so intense. Of course like many of you I am sure, the doctors could not find anything pointing to a reason for this debilitating pain. Luckily for me, a strange spike in my liver enzymes occured and has to this day been one of the only things that has ever shown up on a test. The GI specialist then decided that I needed to have a MRCP, and then a ERCP at MUSC to see what was really going on, he suspected Sphincter Of Oddi. I had to wait for over Six weeks in pain, while they could get me in. I Had the first ERCP done and stents placed in my liver and pancreas. And the pancreatitis was almost unbearable. I was sent home and actually felt better for about six months. And thought I might actually get my life back. silly me! The pain returned once again and I was so discouraged, but thanks to my amazing husband and family who stood beside me i continued my battle. I once again had to contact the Dr who did my ERCP and i had to wait another six weeks in pain until i could be worked in again. all the while I was suppose to be working full time, and pretending this pain and misery wasnt happening. I stopped eating because the pain grew to be to much for me to handle. And as many of you have discovered, there are not many out there who understand this and assume we are pain seeking people and are not willing to actually help those who need help managing this pain. I had my second ERCP, and pancreatitis of course and was better again but for only 3 months this time. When i contacted the surgeon again he said my only option was to continue to have ERCP's...... I dont think surgery every few months is really an option. So I really began to feel hopeless. By some miracle, in the small town that I live in another girl was going through something similar. My Daddy was getting his hair cut and the girls at this salon were praying for her. My Daddy asked what they were praying for and soon realized that not only was she my age but that she was going through exactly what I was. My Daddy got the name of her Dr. and i googled him. He was at Vanderbilt and I knew it was a shot in the dark but I was desperate. I told him my entire story and just prayed he took pitty on me. To my surprise he emailed me the next day and i had an appointment the following week. we drove Five hours and I heard the best thing i can ever remember, He said, What do you think is wrong?? I told him that I thought it was SOD and that i wanted my life back. He agreed and said he was sorry that i had been battling this for so long. He scheduled a surgery, a Roux En Y. For 6 weeks from that day. I was 98LBS at this point and was told i would not make it another month!!! This surgery rerouted my small intestine around my SOD. and it was an incredibly hard surgery. It took me many months to recover and the love of my amazing family. But I thought it was the answer. And that I was saved!

However here we are again, unable to eat, loosing weight, and now my Dr is out of the country and I can not get any help again! I have to start from square one! Except this time I am a new mommy to a 7 month old. It takes everything I have to get through my day with a smile on my face at work, and then i can barely hold my baby when i get home because i am so weak and in so much pain!  I have found a local GI specialist who seems to be hopeful and willing to get the answers i so desperatly seek, but i have just had another EGD, and am scheduled for another MRCP on Monday. I am so lost, so scared, and in so much pain.... Trying to stay hopeful and positive because this time, I have to for my little angel Hudson. I am 29 and as many of us are continually told, too young for all these problems!!!




good luck to you all!!!! 

wow I can't beleive  how many of us are  out here suffering and doctors are raking in the money while we still suffer. I have been dealing with  the pain and bowle trouble for 14years. I think mine is from the stapes left in. I want mine removed and will be talking to my gi dr  tomorrow. I'll let you all know what happens. Good luck God bless you all. I am so sorry you all are suffering and should not be.
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