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upper left abdomen bloating extending over entire upper abdomen; gas; ripping feeling in upper left abdomen; pain in center of

Posted by jdcjones

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excuse me but wat r ur syptoms? cause ive got mega issues atm and im scared its cancer...
i got a small bulge near my belly button with a dul pain :(
i started to change my  diet  for 2 weeks intense workout then this happaned.. 6 weeks later still there 
first dr said its nothing just my intestine 
2nd dr said its no hernia or ceptic ulcer  .... but its abnormal in ppl my age (19)
im scared to tell my parents i need surgery>.>
i started working out  changing my diet to 5 vege with  80 grams  protien   water no  caffiene... pretty much intence   bike writing  2 weeks later i pretty much  seen the bulge then the pain came along... im sooo scared
its like a dul pain  1 out of 10  or 2  out of 10 
first dr said it was the intestine nothing to  worry about 5 weeks later no change..  except when i dont panic..
 the new dr said no to hernia or ceptic ulcer ... but the bulge is abnormal ....
so here i am again having to wait for a dr to  set up a time for scans freaking out that its cancer ...  can u help me at all  ?  is it anxiety and gas maybe ?
ill keeep updates
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