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upper back pain

Posted by fatima s.

i ave been suffering from upper back pain near spinal cord.when contacted the doctor she said muscles stiffness and recommended to do pilates
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Benefits of Pilates. Thanks for your question and I'm sorry that your back has been giving you so many problems. I suffer from lower back pain. What pilates will do is help give you a strong base and provide you muscle balance. Usually back pain is a result of muscle weakness and muscle imbalance, and it's not necessarily in the area that you feel pain at. I know that my low back pain is because of tightness in my glutes. Pilates is a combination of flexibility and strengthening exercises that concentrate of developing your core area (which is not just abs, but glutes, back, hips). It does so in a way that is usually "isometric," requiring you to get into a position where the muscle is contracting and hold that position, which is similar to the way your muscles have to work when you're standing or sitting. Usually when an exercise routine like this is implemented, one that increases flexibility and develops strength, the pain subsides. So, that is where your doctor is coming from. Hope this helps. Good luck!
Pilates and Yoga. I agree with the other answer. The stretches and other movement in pilates have many benefits for making your back feel better. I have lower back problems stemming from a car accident, and have found that yoga and pilates help. However, I've also learned that sometimes it's better not to push yourself too hard-if you're in extreme pain, rest, and some ice or heat, is probably your best bet. Hope you're feeling better soon!


What doctor said was absolutely correct...  Exercises, Physiotherapy treatments and Massages can help you.. Recently i came to know about where back pain management program is given in a customized basis.. let try this...
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