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Upper abdominal pain (right under ribs) going to my back. What can it be?

Posted by smrositano

I just had an episode of upper severe abdominal pain and a very bad burning that went around to my back. When I laid down I felt like a couldn't breath. It lasted about 10 minutes. This is the second time this happend about a month ago but didn't last this long.
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I dont know but I have to same thing every time I drink alcohol.  It will last up to 30 mins then I am fine.  But it makes me dubble over in pain.  Starts by ribs then goes to my back hurting both at same time.  Gone to doctor over and over never an answer.  Hope you find out!
I haven't had another epidode in a awhile. Have not gone to the doctor yet. But my mother-in-law got them all the time and she found out that she has something wrong with her Pancreas.
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