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Unexplained bruising on the legs, symmetrical bruising

Posted by publicdomain

Hi, first of, let me start with a little background just in case it’s relevant. I’m 22, male, white Hispanic, 5’9, 170lbs, never had a broken bone, no appendix (only operation I’ve ever had), no smoke, no drink, and work sitting in front of a computer.


About 3 days ago, I noticed that I had bruising in my legs, this came as a shock since I am not active enough to receive lesions or bruises – period. They appear to be some what symmetrical bruises, due to the fact that I have 2 bruises on my right thigh, and they seem to line up with the bruises on my left thigh. The same thing seems to be happening on my lower legs, with one bruise lining up, but 2 more on my right that don’t have any corresponding bruises on the left. They are round, about a half inch to a full inch, hard, range in color from dark purple to light pink and hurt on the slightest of pressure. The only bruises are in my legs, and don’t extend anywhere else.


I’m beginning to become alarmed since nothing like this has ever happened before, can someone help me diagnose this please?

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Ya i'm the same. Both my thighs have little blue bruises on them and yet i dont know how they got there. Soooo frustrating.
idk what the diagnose is but you might just bruise really easy like me hun
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