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unexplained bruising on big toe that comes and goes every few weeks? No trauma to toe whats so ever!

Posted by MichL

My daughter is 17 yrs of age, about 3 weeks ago she came home with a really dark bruised big toe, the night before she said it was really really swollen.  There was no trauma to the toe in anyway at all.  Did not hurt either, the swelling went down after a few hrs, the bruising stayed for a few days and then completely gone.  Now, 3 weeks later the bruising is back, no swelling this time and it is not painful.  Any idea what this could be caused from? 


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I wish I knew the answer. I also have a very bruised big toe right now, with no pain or swelling. It showed up overnight. Very strange! Would also appreciate any thoughts on what caused this.
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