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Ugh, ugh, and more ugh!

Posted Oct 13 2009 10:05pm
My beautiful sweet Peanut woke up at 3am, crying and in pain. They gave her chloral hydrate, she didn't fall asleep. They gave her tylenol with codeine, she didn't fall asleep. They finally came in with diladin (something like that). It stopped her pain, but still didn't put her back to sleep. The nurses are all amazed that she's still awake.

Awake enough to pull out her IV with her teeth. In the OR they placed one in her right hand, which is her chewing hand.

Then she grabbed the catheter in the new stoma, and pulled the catheter from it's adapter. So it's broken, we're waiting for the urologist to come figure out what to do.

I am so tired, and stressed out, and they just told me we're getting a roommate. A tiny baby. The idea of kids having to share rooms is so stupid. No one ever gets sleep, because if one wakes up it wakes up the other.

They should really serve margaritas in the cafeteria!
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