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Two pains, 1) under right rib cage 2) back right side near kidneys. What may it be? Plzz Help! Thanks!

Posted by CaliforniaLoveMan

Ive been having 2 seperate pains, one under my upper right rib cage in a small spot I think may be the gall bladder but really unsure. It comes and goes but I knotice it mostly after eating, Ive had this pain for about 3-4 months and I was smoking and it would hurt really bad after smoking so I stoped. The pain feels like it might be acidic. About 1 month ago I started having pains on the back right back, this is a large area, I think it may be the kidney but not sure. It also comes and goes but this pain is more of a tightening, feels as thought my kidney or whatever is becoming rock hard solid. These 2 pains have never really occured at the same time. ...

I was also diagnosed with diverticulitus about 9 months ago after eating a bunch of almonds but when I had that pain it was 10 times more painful then either of these and I havent had that same pain since. Thank you so much for any help, I dont have any health insurance for another few months so I can see a doctor just yet.  Im 23, male, 5'10'' , 155lbs, in decent shape.

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