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Twists and turns in the labyrinth

Posted Sep 01 2011 12:00am
This post was written yesterday 31st Aug 2011

Sleep deprivation, mouth sores and now wrist tendonitis. I really have bagged myself a few unwanted things during this rejection treatment period that I could do without. I'm hoping they're not all here to stay so that's keeping me going!  Much of what I do involves the use of my hands so it really is frustrating.   I can just about manage but it involves adding more insult to the injury.  It saddens me and makes me worried for people like myself whose main line of communication is typing: whether that be facebooking, msn, texting, tweeting...  Its a horrible injury to get.  I have been really tested by the immense pain.  My advice to anyone is to take lots of breaks from typing, writing and check out just how many hours a day you are using your hands in a repetitive pattern.

After 6 hours non typing, writing or hand movement decided to put a facebook status up just explaining why I may not be able to reply to anyone much over the coming days.  A lovely, kind friend 'M' suggested PC software that writes as you speak. Genius!  I just didn't think alone those line. I have an old but usable version of Dragon Naturally Speaking and Read and Write Gold!  Now the thing is where do I find them?

Wow1 I hadn't realised just how much typing is part of my life.  If I hadn't been done a little message on facebook during my 'wrist rest period' , I can guarantee that I would never have thought of using that software.  I tend to take it on and off my laptop as it takes up so much space depending on my current need.

During this post I managed to find Dragon Naturally Speaking.  I just need to train it to my voice and then I should be well away.  I know I've forgotten some bits especially at the moment where I am on a very high amount of medication.  Concentration levels have plummeted and luckily mum understands me when I trail off into mumbo jumbo language.  Poor me eh?  No, don't get me wrong.  I am frustrated but there's no point finding this off.  I figure it good that I feel rough, it means something is happening.

Its probably wise at this point to pop on the software and save my wrists from anymore harassment!
I may post a little something so I can have a play!  Lol!  I was thinking of doing a vlog but today I look like a washed up turtle on the shore with a face all squashed together and a mouth full of ulcers and sores, which, I'm sure you would rather not see!

I can feel the hunger monster and its all down to that lovely prednisolone.   Now this is one thing I will be showing the door and telling to 'jog on!' On top of everything else I really don't need the problem of going up two to three dress sizes because of steroids.  I have always worked hard to keep my healthy diet in check as I really believe that my consistency in this area of well being has kept me here.  My mum is an intrinsic part of this, from how I was raised to embrace vegetarianism to today where she is very much against what we call 'plastic food' in favour of real, rich, fresh food.   That's not to say I'm against Iceland!  Lol!  There's always a time when it is useful and it seems that many properties are preserved in the foods so frozen peas are pretty ace! I've never been interested in calories and what not. Its was only when I got to university and my friends were talking calories, writing down calories, that I realised they were around!
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