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Turning The Bad Into The Good The Easy Way

Posted May 06 2010 5:37am

While we all prefer life to be rosy and go the way we want it, invariably it never does and situations crop up which are anything but perfect. We can choose to do two things about it either make the most out of a bad situation and accept it or deal with it the best way we can and then shrug it off and let it go. On the other hand we can choose to worry about it or sulk, grumble and moan and forever go around wondering why this happened and protesting what if.

The fact is that the situation has occurred and no amount of worrying or moaning and groaning about it will change this fact. Looking at it in this light, what point is there in letting it bother you?

Isn’t it more sensible to accept the situation and try at least to change the bad into good? Most situations can be turned into something good or we can at least see some good in it.

While you could say it is a bad situation, you could also turn this around and say it is a challenge you weren’t expecting. Turning bad into good is all in the mind and how we perceive things. Although it won’t change the situation, how you see the situation will depend on how well you are able to handle it and so how well you are able to handle life in general.

Quite simply, anyone can make the best of any situation, simply by changing the way you see it, you can change what would have seemed like a disaster into a challenge that you are able to get through and with it gain untold confidence.

Think of it this way, there are no bad situations or good ones for that matter, the situation is how we see it, our perception of it. By keeping things in perspective and considering how you can overcome the situation or what you can get out of it goes a long way to calling it good or bad.

Everything that happens in your life is based on a series of events and while sometimes we cannot control these events we can control how we react to them. How you perceive the situation is all about choice, the choice you make. Rather than think of a bad situation as failure, instead think of it as nothing more than a setback or obstacle that has been put there to challenge you.

Think of setback as being a good thing, we learn things from setback and this is all in our favor. If we don’t learn we don’t grow and it is only if we don’t learn from setbacks and give up that we lose. So when things don’t quite go your way, shrug it off and let it go and remember that while you cannot change the situation, you can change the outcome to your advantage by thinking positively and making the most of any situation.

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