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Tummy Fat Linked to Liver Cancer

Posted Jun 08 2009 6:37pm 1 Comment

New findings in the journal Gut reveal too much fat surrounding internal organs increases risk of liver cancer recurrence after treatment. Scientists followed 62 people who received treatment for liver cancer. Of the participants, 27 had high amounts of belly fat and 35 had lower amounts. After one year, the high group had 15.9% risk of recurrence, while the low group only had 9.7% and three years later the figures were 75.1% and 43.1%, respectively; Reuters reports.

In April, a study claimed men with excess belly fat have a 15% higher risk of heart failure and women have a 30% higher risk. Too much abdominal fat seemingly affects everything. Other research has linked tummy fat to stroke, migraine headaches and even death risk.

In related news, the CDC reports Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama continue to lead the nation in obesity, but no worries. Australia is officially fatter than the United States.

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Hepatitis B and hepatitis C viruses are causes of liver cancer. The former appears to act directly by damaging cells and their DNA. The latter shows an indirect effect, mediated by cirrhosis.

-aadautech, a cancer drug discovery and therapeutics blog

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