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Posted Jul 12 2010 1:33pm
All right, I had my cardiologist appointment this afternoon. I guess it went pretty well, the Dr was actually the first Dr I have spoken to, who was not surprised about the theory about Albuterol, and he seemed to think that the experiment would be a no brainer. He did, however, order an EKG, Echo, and a thingy magingy I have to wear for the next 24 hours. It will measure my heart rate, check if I miss beats and a bunch of other stuff. So I am once again playing the waiting game....After the appointment today I got really tired, I think I "might've could've over did it" a little around the house this weekend simply because I was anxious about the appointment. I want to do this Albuterol experiment more than you can probably imagine.

Other than manically cleaning, and putting Tom to work over the weekend, I also did some more reading in Sproul. It is taking me a long time to get through the book, but I have to read each Truth at least twice. I spent quite a while on the Trinity. I have always had a hard time understanding why Christians claim that they only have one God, when to me there appear to be three. Distinguishing between the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit to me indicated some kind of hierarchy, I mean, the father is usually above the son right? and the Holy Spirit just plain confused me. What is the Holy Spirit?, I gave up on that one, it was just either to complex or to abstract for me to understand, or maybe no one ever thought to break down the Trinity and explain it to me. Jesus is God, he is not "just" the Son of God, but he is God. However, in order for God to be able to get the work done he needed done to save humanity, he had to be both God and man. Jesus' body was like the rest of our bodies, he had physical needs, and he had things he physically needed to do, but he was also God, which made him "slightly" different. What happened to Jesus on Earth was preplanned by God. Until now I thought that Jesus was an innocent victim, and that he had no say in what happened to him. He was his Father's pawn in saving the human race. I was obviously wrong, Jesus knew what was going to happen, because he was the one who planned it. In order for us to be saved, and to believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, things could not have been done differently. I can probably accept that as an explanation, it is plausible. Jesus is now working both as a judge and advocate for us.

Now we get to the fun part, the Holy Spirit. I am constantly noticing how I am not always as perceptive as I should be. We are talking about the Holy SPIRIT , how on earth could I run around and think that the Holy Spirit would be something as tangible as Jesus? I think the Holy Spirit is kind of like Miracle Grow. God is the one planting the seed in us, he may even poke a little at us every now and then, we might pick up books about Christianity, and start asking people questions. However, unless the Holy Spirit feeds the seed, and lights up our hearts, we will never "feel" scripture the way we are supposed to. It will be impossible to be a Christian without it, as you must be a Christian both in your mind and in your heart.

I suppose you can consider the Trinity a unique and well oiled machine?. Each part has its own very important duties and tasks, but when you blend them together you get perfection which is what we call God?!.

I am going to leave Sproul alone for tonight, and just kick back and watch some TV, preferably something that does not require any brain power. Sproul is an excellent writer, and he makes everything seem logical, he makes it make sense, he makes it true, he makes me want it. I am also sure there are theologians in other religions or denominations with the same talents. Right now I am making a statement without any proof at all, but I would venture to say that each and every one of them will claim to have evidence proving that they are telling the truth. My job in this search for religion, truth, or faith or whatever you choose to call it, may just have taken on a new dimension. In addition to trying to understand what I am reading, and being told, I also have to determine when I am being manipulated. For a naive Hobbit like me, that is easier said than done.

Stay Safe where ever you are.


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