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Treatment Planning In Radiation Therapy

Posted Sep 01 2010 11:18pm

There are many types of radiations therapy to kill tumor cells. These types are either external beam source or internal beam sources. Because of various types of radiation, treatment planning in radiation therapy is necessary. Planning is important to determine amount and type of the radiations for the treatment.

If the patient is going to be treated with external beam therapy, simulation test is to be conducted first. This test determines exact location of the tumor and focusing area of the radiations. During the simulation process, patient needs to lie still on the examining table, while radiation therapist decides treatment area with the help of x-ray machine.

During treatment planning in radiation therapy, exactly location is necessary, as it is going to expose to the radiation. However, in many cases patient has more than one area to treat. To decide direction of the radiation, therapist may use CT scan or other imaging studies. Use of such machines will give exact site of the treatment. Some time treatment planning in radiation therapy may changes according to the simulation process. These changes are made to spare normal cells from being exposed.

Exposing area of the body is marked to show where the radiation should be aimed. This marking is done either with permanent marker or with temporary marker. Marking is called tattooing and is in the form of small dots. Marking determines the exact site for initial and subsequent treatments.

According to the treatment planning in radiation therapy, radiation therapist prepares the body molds or other devices that helps patients to remain steady during the treatment. These molds are particularly made up of plastic, foam or plasters. In many cases, patients are covered with shield so that radiations cannot penetrate in organs and tissues besides the treatment field.

According to the results obtained from the simulation process treatment planning in radiation therapy is done. From the results, type, amount and delivery of radiation is decided. Generally, doctors and therapists have to make this decision.

From the fallout of studies it is found that, radioactive therapy is the effective way to treat cancer cells. Sources used in the treatment almost kills the cancer cells and subsequently growth stops. Radiation therapy is painless and easy treatment compared to other.

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