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Training With Herniated Discs

Posted Jan 08 2013 10:03pm

A herniated disc is the protrusion of a disc between the vertebrae, and pinches nerves causing pain.  It is one of  the most commonly diagnosed causes for chronic back pain.   Certain weight lifting, and other resistance  exercises can put a strain on those discs causing extreme discomfort.  For example, squats, deadifts, standing over head press exercises, bent rows and others.  Here are a few strategies that you can use if you suffer from herniated discs.  Swap out exercises that are aggravating the discs for others that are not as destructive.  These are some of the most  most effective workout strategies  to use when you have back pain.

Try different variations of  the deadlift movement.  If the standard barbell deadlift is aggravating your herniated discs you have other options that might not strain the area as much.  You should try as many variations of this exercise as possible because it is almost a must do exercise.  Use the power rack when you are in  the gym.  Do not be intimidated.  You do not have to be a body builder, to use it.  Setting the pins high enough that you can get the bar off the ground far enough to start the movement safely might be exactly what you need.  Partial barbell deadlifts are much better than none at all.  Always use this exercise in a  full-body workout routine

Depending on how easily your herniated discs as to aggravate you might not be able to do standing power moves.  Instead, do overhead presses while seated.  Use a bench that you are able to able to brace your back with, and press dumbells.  Seated dumbells are a good shoulder exercise.  

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