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Today a new day.

Posted Nov 19 2009 10:08pm
Today feels a bit better. The urine certainly appears better, I think the antibiotics may be helping.
I upped the meds yesterday which helped, though the headache I woke up with got steadily worse outdoing the pelvic pain. I think I would chose pelvic pain over a headache any day. A final dose of paracetamol knocked it on its head very late last night. Damn I hate headaches, I find it hard to function, but I was helping someone with their English yesterday and had to function regardless.
I had a lovely night with Fi watching a movie which I slept through on and off, ended the night with my delightful teenage son being obtuse, obnoxious and rude just for a change. It was one of those times where it didn't matter what I said he twisted it and threw it back at me, so I walked out of his room and left him talking to himself. Sometimes that's the best thing to do, oh the joys of teenagers:)
I got the letter yesterday for the appointment on Monday, checking the letter today so I could call and confirm I found it was only dated from the day I went into Hospital, I wonder if I would have got the letter if I hadn't demanded to know what the heck was happening. Now I'm sounding negative, however this whole experience has left me feeling negative.
I'm not going out looking for issues with the Hospital, I have come across some amazing staff, both Docs and nurses alike and have highlighted this. I apologised to the Doc the other night for being all emotional.
I know there will be a note on my record about me fiddling with the drip, other nurses in the past haven't minded that I try to keep the drip running, at times they let me stand back and do it. I was looking at the weird looking Doc in the eye while I was doing it. I wasn't doing anything wrong per say except for being a bit of a dick at times yet I'm sure the powers that be will read more into it, as they have done several times over.
I must digress, there was this weird looking Doc, who when ever he walked past my cubicle he stared in at me, then he perched in a chair in the nurses fish bowel and would stare some more. Fi was asleep with her back to him, but it was literally a 'I see you, you see me" eyeballing competition. Yes I did notice this in spite of the pain as being in Hospital tends to make me hypervigilent.
Either I look like a movie star or he is waiting for me to screw up, or he is intrigued with the patient who has put in a complaint with The Health and Disability Commission. We all know Hospitals are gossip central, and well I did tell the Doc who was dealing with me, after she commented on my old surgeon.
I'm transparent on most issues. However I could be the best patient in the world and there will always be a staff member who misconstrues every word or action I do and that is something that will never change.
It probablydidn't help when Fi bless her, asked if I wanted some photos for my blog, and I mentioned going to the newspapers(thanks Trace for the idea lol ) in front of the septic nurse.

They would be more understanding, if for some bizarre reason I was forced to go visit someone who offended against me in prison, and the fear that would bring, over the fact I have to rely on a system and institution who has wounded me, and left me living in fear of them, their actions, judgements, and inconsistencies.

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