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To Supplement Or Not To Supplement

Posted Oct 15 2009 10:04pm

Essential Amino Acid:  Dictionary definition:  an amino acid that cannot be synthesised by the body and therefor must be supplied in the diet.

I am considering taking L-Lysine pre/post op.  It is an essential amino acid
that helps form collagen (which makes up cartilage and connective tissue). It is
also good for treating and preventing cold sores, aids in the production of carnitine
(which helps the body convert fatty acids into energy), lowers cholesterol and
helps the body absorb and conserve calcium.

As I am to have a labral repair and CAM type FAI addressed I am not sure if
taking this supplement is a good idea. On one hand it will be great for aiding
in the healing of the tear, but on the other I am not sure whether it
would just help the bone heal (good) or encourage bony growth (bad).

I will be taking fish oil with this too to help reduce inflammation.

Any ideas? I am also going to ask my surgeon.

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