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To Have Fibromyalgia or Not To Have Fibromyalgia...

Posted Oct 28 2008 9:40pm
There's an interesting little debate going on between a few medical professionals and a few patients in this mad, mad world of blogs. The debate is over Fibromyalgia, and whether or not it's a real disease; but more than anything, the debate is over drug-seekers and patients concocting diseases to get the drugs they want from the benevolent totalitarian government. The debate is between BusyMom345, on her Fibromyalgia Support blog and medical professionals like MonkeyGirl and Ambulance Driver. Here's my response to the debate...

None of this would be a problem if drugs were deregulated & decriminalized, like in most other (UNFREE) countries. You wouldn't have to go to the doctor and make up a bunch of crap about how much it hurts. You could walk into a pharmacy, like a free person should be able to do, and buy whatever you feel like buying for whatever condition you think you might have.

The problem here is not fibromyalgia and whether or not it's fake, nor is the problem Monkey Girl or Ambulance Driver saying that fibromyalgia is BS. The problem is government regulation which, by depriving people of their freedoms (the very thing our benevolent totalitarian government was NEVER supposed to do), causes "free" people to start sneaking around the government (acting unfree). It also causes nurses and doctors to start acting like the Gestapo, trying to detect whether or not someone is lying about their condition and deciding whether or not that patient can have their precious drugs. Why would "free" patients lie about their condition, and why would "free" nurses feel like they had to police them? We ain't free.

Decriminalized & deregulate drugs, and let Natural Selection sort people out. What's more benevolent than allowing people to freely decide what they want to put in their own bodies, even if the all-knowing tyrannical majority DOES think it's detrimental?

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