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Tingling activated by bending my neck or move my spine actively for a period of time - Why? What to do? will see doc tomorrow

Posted by pdman

I have tingling that is activated by bending my neck and when I move my spine actively for a period of time as in very spine dynamic dancing.  I danced thus for several minutes maybe 15 before the tingling was so intense i decided i should stop.  ( 5 days ago) My spine fely enveloped by tingling.  tingling was flowing out my right arm and right leg somewhat too.  I did have Shingles 3 months ago, centered at my anus right side.  most symptoms cleared by 4 - 6 weeks yesterday I felt again some of the strange feeling in my sphinkter again that had been prevelant in the later stages of the Shingles.    today I move my neck but can not bring on the tingling.... strange.  Over the last month or so bending my neck tot he right had consistantly brought on some intense tingling sensations.  Strange.  Your ideas are welcome.
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