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Time to share the unknown truth *tagged*

Posted Nov 19 2009 10:08pm
Thanks Amy, my brain spinning with info Im desperate to
Now i will share what I have not before.

1 At least 12 times a day I do butt cheek exercises, gotta keep them toned girls. Its squeeze them in real tight, then let them go, repeat. I do it when music comes on, eating dinner, chatting with friends (they have no idea). Its second nature now :0 and I want augmentation.

2. Even though Im a trained Beauty therapist I don't believe in spending an obscene amount of money on products. I did once, alas those days are gone.
I wash my face with a dettol type soap in the shower then follow up with a good well hydrating moisturizer. A great cheapy is the Body Shop hand hemp cream. Its the same as the face one but cheaper and lasts way longer. Moisturizer is the key, oh and I use a small lofa like thing on my face once a week as an exfoliant.

3. I was in foster type care as a young person and am eternally grateful to the family, they showed me what a *normal* family life was like. So nothing much phases me in life, I get on with it.

4. I love soft fabrics, still have a cuddly blanket *weird* love hugs and hugging people, sleep under a mountain of blankets, and always put my clothes on the heater to warm them up before I wear them, both morning and night :)

5. I have been known to sleep walk, sleep talk, and when really really stressed grind my teeth in my sleep :)

6. I like squeezing my kids pimples, and killing blackheads, (come on I wasn't a beauty therapist for nothing)

I also have an obscene sense of humor and laugh at things most people wouldn't.

To balance out all of what I have just written here are some things i love

Here is an old post on things that make me happy

Then this one

Now I'm tagging Marie, Fi, Sid, Tracey, odette :)
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