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Time to heal a fractured rib?

Posted by scoutmaster

I have a fractured rib (7th). I did it about 2 weeks ago. I was prescribed a few different pain killers, as none seemed to work to well initially, Tramal being the last I tried, (did not try the prescribed oxycontin) and I didn't want to be dependant on drugs, so I stopped taking them and that seemed to effected me emotionally when I stopped. Its now 3 days after I stopped, and I am of course still in pain, but I can at least not feel physcotic. Last night was the most painful night of sleep, I cannot lay down  in any position now without pain. The only position I can be in is sitting upright. How long will this pain last?
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Yes, that's normal. I fractured 2 ribs 2 months ago, yet still not fully recovered. I am 80%. We need at least 3 months until we can practice sports. Now, I can do everything except to sleep on my left side and practic sports.

Don't try to be a heroe. Take the pain killers. Take Tramadol, it is good without side effects. Take it for 3 weeks. Put an elastic band to keep your rib in position. Not to lose, not to tight. It helps a lot. You can sleep on the soffa with many pillows to support your back. Sleep in upright position.

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