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Time for some R & R

Posted Jan 10 2010 9:55pm
One would believe that being "retired" means every day is filled with "R & R". Believe it or not though it's easy to get stuck in your head and entrenched in chronic pain and chronic illnesses--this is anything but relaxing! I am taking a vacation from all of that and headed to Las Vegas for a short respite to forget about the world around me for a little bit. I am going to forget about doctor's appointments, CT scans, MRI scans, MS, surgeries, and hopefully control the amount of chronic pain that I am dealing with. This is the first trip that I have ever traveled with "Jimmy" -- "Jimmy" is my walker (named affectionately after the "Good Times" actor by Celia). Bringing humor and creativity to the tools in life is what makes things bearable. That's one of the wonderful things CC does for me and I am blessed.

If you've been following the lung nodule, that will be checked in April (in about 4 months). I am ok with that and will put that on the back burner. I am losing a little bit of mobility of late and my right leg is in a twitching contest. It's been twitching hard and soft for about 14 days now and it's kept me awake at times. My lower back and hips are so painful that it has become increasingly difficult to get up and going in the mornings and keep going throughout the day. The walker is one of the tools I need at this point to really make it from point "A" to point "B" that covers any amount of distance. It doesn't bother me ... it really helps actually.

This is one of the first vacations is a long, long time that I can really remember looking forward to and being excited about. My endometrial pain (all-consuming) is behind me now and I just have MS pain to deal with now.

I see my neurologist Dr. Krupa Pandey (props to Dr. Pandey) in early February and will definitely discuss my legs and the infamous twitching. Bothersome. Can't say much for my eyesight at this point either and know I need to get back to Dr. Lopasic for a visual fields. Things are much dimmer in my right eye and hard to hone in on. All part of the disease.

Anyway, the disease stays at home and I am going out of my body and brain to relax and have a good time.

See you on Facebook! :)
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