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Posted by Ana

I was told that my antibodies for my thyroid level are 598. Is there a natural cure to lower these level. I have to take synthroid .05mg one a day. Could someone help or direct me to what I can do
Thanks Ana
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Anti thyroid antiboidies are a marker of an autoimmune response to your thyroid gland ( such as occurs with Hashimoto's thyroiditis). The treatment for this is the thyroxine (Synthroid) that you are taking. Some literature suggests that low doses of selenium also may help, but this is not a standard recommendation.

There is some evidence that elevated antithyroid antibodies are associated with higher miscarriage rates -- but those studies are for women who were not taking thyroid hormone supplementation.

The usual treatment for elevated antithyroid antibodies in someone with normal thyroid horomone levels(normal free T4), if any treatment at all is to be given, is low dose thyroid hormone supplementation.  



hiya is it true that u can have a fasle negtive thyriod antibodies test

Followup question:  I had high thyroid peroxidase (antibodies) in a blood test.  She said 3x normal. 

I'm tentatively self-diagnosed with celiac disease, based on high IGA antigliadin and anti tissue transglutaminase antibodies on Enterolab's gluten sensitivity test. (it's a stool test, not a blood test). 

I've been gluten free for 6 years.  Is it possible the high thryoid peroxidase antibodies are from celiac disease, not from autoimmune thyroid disease?  

I read that thyroid peroxidase antibodies can be from non-thyroid autoimmune diseases.  But I don't know if this could apply to celiac disease treated with a gluten free diet.





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