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thyroid test results

Posted by momjules

I have many of the symptoms of hypothyroid...fatigue, weight gain, cold all the time, etc...I also am perimenopausal, which can create similar symptoms to hypothyroid.  Additionally, I have suffered from depression for some length of time.  Upon the worsening of my depression, my doc ordered thyroid tests.  These are the results:
TSH: 0.82; Free T4:  0.69; T3 Total Serum:  89ng/dl; T3 Free Serum:  2.9 pg/ml.  
The internist says those are normal results.  The nurse practitioner I see for depression meds says they are low.  From what I've read, none of this makes sense, but am starting to wonder about pituitary involvement.  I don't want to call my doctor wrong, but would appreciate another opinion.
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