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Thyroid Antibodies high, normal to low TSH?? HELP!

Posted by AussieDee

PLEASE my wits end! Australian Female, 42 yrs, 165cm, 52 kilo's, unwell for 15 years with diagnosis of IBS.  Recent pathology showed high Thyroid Peroxidase antibodies @ 130, normal TSH @ 1.2. Other symptoms I've had, for 15 years, hair loss of 50% slow but neverending, food & enviro allergy's, solar utacaria (new), hives, skin rash (red rash  mainly on shins), very dark circles under eyes, IBS, dry skin, muscle wasting (new), depression, tired, overwhelmed,  no libido, GI upsets.  I cant find a doctor who will 'listen' to my symptoms and not just rely on blood tests. A colonoscopy in 2005 revealed pre moderate Diverticular disease and mild megacolon.  Recent Gastroscopy and biopsy proved normal. I suspected Celiac as I dont tolerate wheat or gluten well and eliminate from my diet (ate it for 1 month prior to testing though). 

I just keep trying different doctors but nobody seems to be able to diagnose my problem and all want to prescribe an antidepressant (relented and been on Endep 50mg p/d for 1 month). I have put myself on an iron supplement as my levels were in the low range at Ferritin of 20 and iron at 12 and fear this may be causing my hair loss. My Dr advised against this stating my levels were normal but I certainly dont feel normal.  I am too tired and overwhelmed to work (stopped 5 months ago) and dont leave my house anymore if at all possible. Due to my raised Peroxidase antibodies a new GP yesterday prescribed Oroxine tablets, 50mcg & advised to cut in half.  Do you think this is the right way to go? I am most grateful for any information you may be kind enough to provide.  Thank you & Kind regards, Dee.

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